Hello everyone, it has been more than a year since we at GCC studios, lasted posted anything. At the time, we were busy working on a new animation which is finally completed and we wanted to share it with all you good people of Newgrounds yay!!!

The animation project we were working on is called "Tales From Kijenge" and we have plans to make it a five episode story arc with the release of season one on the 27th of January 2017. The story in brief is about events that seemingly took place in ancient Africa between the gods that existed during those times and the impact of their actions towards the people who worshipped and admired them.

We really appreciate your support on the animation once it's released and any comments or feedback is highly recommend.

Thanks for your time, for now we have posted artwork of our characters from the animation, be sure to check them out. Peace!!!


2015-03-10 01:40:52 by GCCStudios

Hi everybody!! First off i have no clue how the site works so if im doing something wrong please just spare me!!

So this 'Channel' slash 'Account' :P is where we (3 fellas) joined up (all inexperienced artists, passionate with animations, games, stories and arts in general)!! A bit intimidated by amazing amount of artists in here, but we hope to contribute something nice to the site!!!

Off topic: Im skeptic but i think we like 1st from our place to be here (or in the top 5 atleast), the site is highly exotic here! Greetings for Eastern Africa, Tanzania! PEACE