Entry #1


2015-03-10 01:40:52 by GCCStudios

Hi everybody!! First off i have no clue how the site works so if im doing something wrong please just spare me!!

So this 'Channel' slash 'Account' :P is where we (3 fellas) joined up (all inexperienced artists, passionate with animations, games, stories and arts in general)!! A bit intimidated by amazing amount of artists in here, but we hope to contribute something nice to the site!!!

Off topic: Im skeptic but i think we like 1st from our place to be here (or in the top 5 atleast), the site is highly exotic here! Greetings for Eastern Africa, Tanzania! PEACE


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2015-03-13 02:00:34

I just seen your first movie and left a review.

GCCStudios responds:

thanks Mightydein, i just saw your video review not to long ago


2015-03-13 03:27:12

Hello and welcome to NewGrounds.

GCCStudios responds:

thanks ShawnThorn, it feels so awesome to be a part of NewGrounds